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Welcome To GTA HQ

 This is Ernest B.'s (a.k.a GTA_Tom_V) website, umm... welcome.

So here's my GTA website. Yeah, my obsession with Grand Theft Auto has finally forced me into making a website. Well... check it out...

I guess the purpose of my site is to show the best mods out there for the GTA series and also to advertise my mods too of course...

I'll be updating it whenever i get a chance. check back often for changes...

Site Updates

 10/25/06- Well, i haven't been making any exciting mods lately... Well actuall i did make a billboard (in gta:sa) for a friend's website over in Germany... Oh, wait i did make some new mods... none out there for download yet though... I just made a gas station and a car dealership, also pay'n'sprays and transfenders... Nothing exciting though.... yet.

9/17/06- My "Steelers Shirt" and "Helmet Pack" are on a few sites now! I've also seriously changed "My GTA Mods" page, check it out

 9/05/06 - My "White Grove Mod" and "Back In Black" skins are now hosted on ! UPDATE:'s server is being upgraded, the site isn't up anymore for right now...




The above picture is the GTA-HQ logo...

The Below picture is of the best GTA games...

Modding News

Not much goin on...

  • My friend in Germany (Jan) who's website ( will soon have a page to host my mods
  • is down (Upgrading Server)
  • GTA4 coming out 2007
  • Myriad Islands HAS BEEN converted to GTA:SA, still more stuff to add to it i hear
  • GTA:Liberty City mod is now being made for GTA:SA - still no missions
  • GTA: Liberty City Stories mod is being made for GTA:SA